1. sakimichan:

    So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

    So this was a good change of pace for me because I started to do lined drawings. it’s really fun to do more stylist drawings using lines ^_^ and couples are rly fun to draw !

    lol sorry for the inconsistent styles XD;; was experimenting mostly @_@;;

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  2. sakimichan:

    my take on little mermaid gender bend , hope you guys like , this was really fun to paint haha.

    Please Reblog from me if you want to share, I’ve had too much trouble with people, posting my stuff on their blog without  crediting me  : ( Pocahontas is next ^_^

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    599 GTO | Credit

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    Someone likes to watch the world burn

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    "A Political Menagerie"

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